COVID-19 Response fund

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To our donors, partners, volunteers and friends,


We know when this community comes together, it can overcome challenges of great magnitude. Because that's the power of community. That's the power of Blount County.

Recently, United Way Worldwide CEO Brian Gallagher shared a message with our team members, who, since mid-March, have worked to help Blount County navigate through this economic and emotional wake of COVID-19.

Brian reminded us that United Way was created out of crisis over 100 years ago after migration to cities for employment began taking a toll on our health and well-being. At the time, health and human service organizations were, for the most part, nonexistent. United Way helped make many of the services that exist today possible.

He also said,"I don't think we can go back to normal." And he's right. As we learn to connect, work and think differently, we should also learn to invest in and support each other differently.

Right now, we're in the immediate response phase of this crisis. But the next two stages -- recovery and ongoing sustainability -- are in our future, and because of that, we need your help. This is our challenge and our duty to re-envision what Blount County can be. Will you help us by making a gift to United Way of Blount County?



Checks can also be mailed to the United Way of Blount County office at 1615 East Broadway Avenue, Maryville, 37804. Please make checks payable to United Way of Blount County, and write “COVID-19 Response Fund” or "2020 Campaign" in the memo.

UWBC has awarded 22 COVID-19 Response Fund grants and is continuing to accept applications. For a full list of awarded grants, click here.


For state and local resources, please refer to the list below:


  • Tennessee Coronavirus Public Information Line: 1-877-857-2945
  • Tennessee Department of Health: 615-741-7247
  • East Tennessee Regional Health Department: 865-546-9221
  • Blount County Health Department: 865-983-4582